What  a wonderful service this past week at Bible Baptist. We began our series on the Book of John. Wow, is there a lot of excitement in those first 14 verses.  Can’t wait till next Sunday!

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The Day Death Died Easter Graphics PowerPoint

Jesus is Alive !!!

What a wonderful weekend, as we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  As I sit here the day after for the first time as a Pastor.  I find myself starting to be tempted to say ” Big day done now what’s next”.  But my friend JESUS IS ALIVE!!  As Christians many times we come to this time of year and forget that HE is ALIVE and will ALWAYS BE!    So yes we take the time to emphasize but may we never get over the fact that we serve a Risen Savior!  So my friend that day after Easter Sunday, JESUS IS ALIVE!!

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Our 2016 Theme


In the day and age we live, many people do not take the time to consider hardly anything any more. We have our smartphone beeping, our social media dinging, our busy calendar alarms going off left and right. We get so busy that we never consider anything.  This year at Bible Baptist Church we want to take time to Consider Christ!  The Word of God tells us that without Him we can do nothing! Please join us at one of our services as we take time to Consider Christ.

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